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Whatever is rightly done,

however humble, is noble.

~ Sir Henry Royce, 1924

Sterling Carriage represents a

return to the past, blending the luxury

of today with the romantic tradition

of a more graceful time. Today's brides

are interested not only in image and

consistent service, but in a unique

travel experience.

Sterling Carriage offers the very

finest motorcars, specializing in

Rolls-Royce & Bentley. Our classic

motorcars offer a unique value to

brides because they are LWB

(long wheelbase), the limousine

version of Rolls-Royce.

Being LWB motorcars, they provide

spaciousness and more comfort for

the bride in her gown and veil. There

were only a limited number of these

Park Ward coachbuilt limousines produced.

Park Ward & Company, Ltd. of London,

superlative coachbuilders, designed some

of the most sought after body designs in

Rolls-Royce history. Great attention to detail

made every hand built car a rolling sculpture,

turning heads and stirring the imagination.

Sweeping lines paired with luxurious interiors

make these motorcars an elegant touch

to your celebration. During the 1960's, Her Majesty,

The Queen of England, frequently traveled

in these distinctive models of Rolls-Royce limousines.

Our warm inviting interiors assure the greatest

of comfort and style. Interior essences of

Connolly leather, elegant crystal, and rich tones

of burl walnut take you back to another time.